November 14, 2011 · 29 comments

My friends joke that my life is a little a la Gossip Girl. Therefore, you get a GG-style post today.

Spotted: Alyssa breaking it down on the dance floor and promptly called out by reader, Chrissy. At least she had nice things to say.

Was it so easy to spot me because I was doing Alyssa-like things in my natural habitat, Chrissy?

Or maybe she saw the Electronic Media Specialist/multitasker syncing blackberries at the back of the bar.

Don’t comment on the length of my talon fingers. I’ll kill you with them.

Spotted: Chelsey‘s pumpkin protein muffin in a non-vegan form in the LOB kitchen.

I’m not a snooty non-vegan. I just didn’t have any flax on hand, so subbed her flax egg for an egg white. Gotta use what I have on-hand. That’s what interests me in recipes – when I have it all on hand, I’m down to try it.

Chels is a genius, and you need to try this ASAP.

And if you’re a glutton like me, add some light maple syrup to it. It’s like a pumpkin pancake muffin. :-D

Spotted: Some real “neat” clothes by JLo at Kohls. I figured I’d take advantage of their pre-Thanksgiving sale yesterday, and I found some real …winners.

Dear J.Lo, why the bag shirt?

I wish I captured this with my arms outstretched. These are bell sleeves. It’s a great big bag with holes.

I did manage to snag a few items by LC Lauren Conrad.

That would be the Boyfriend Blazer. And apparently, I’m really feelin’ the lazy braid these days.

Spotted: Lowie Turkish Colourful Socks on my doorstep.

This British company makes the cutest winterwear (I’ve got my eye on the mohair lacy knee socks), and they sent me some cute, comfy, cozy (had to do it) socks just in time for the approaching chilly temperatures.

How pretty are all of these colors? The pink has some gold sparkle in it. Me likey.

I’m envisioning some nice Lowie sock snuggling in front of a fireplace. So… who has one they want to lend me to complete this scene since I’m not allowed to use mine?

One of my favorite parts of these babies? They’re nice and tight up top, so they don’t fall down my calves.

Check out Lowie’s website, Facebook, or Twitter for more information. I’m thinking these babies would make pretty cute unique Christmas gifts.

And, of course, to close my Gossip Girl post, I need to end with an…

xoxo, Alyssa

…Now somebody transplant me to the cast of GG and put me in all those clothes.

…Actually, no. Just give me Blake Lively’s life. I’ll just be her instead.

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