Minimalist Running and Heel Strikers

November 15, 2011 · 32 comments

Remember when I snagged the Brooks Pure Connect from the Marine Corps Marathon Expo?

Yeah, I think they’re pretty nice to look at. It’s like looking down and seeing this guy.

Mmm, not really. But you know what I mean.

I know a few people who have the “duck shoes” (a.k.a. ugly Vibrams), and I decided I want to go to a minimalist shoe before going all-out toe-tastic.


Plus, those just look silly.

Don’t get me wrong, you all know I’m all about function over style (solely when it comes to running shoes). And I have been wanting to take a step into the minimalist running world. The Brooks Pure Connect seemed like the next logical step after my Asics.

The Brooks Pure Connect “strikes a balance between barefoot-inspired minimalism and cushioning-required training. It has a lightweight, barely there feel yet is substantive enough to handle long tempo runs.
You’ll feel your run from head to big toe with the radically lightweight and flexible PureConnect. Neutral runners who crave less shoe and more freedom will love the maximum breathability of an open mesh upper built on a slim and nimble underfoot.  A split toe groove extends through the forefoot allowing the runner to really engage the foot and get a greater sense of connection to the ground. This is a shoe for those who want as little as possible between them and the road.”

In Alyssa language, this shoe is super lightweight, incredibly snug on my narrow feet (love this), and feels awesome running on pavement, the treadmill, and grass.

A few weeks ago, my friend Whitney asked me if it’s bad that she lands on her heels when she runs. I told her runners generally aim to land on their forefoot to prevent injury, and she agreed that she had some nice ol’ shin splints (ah, my old friends). This is easier said than done, but I told her she should try to concentrate on landing closer to the ball of her foot.

For those who are runner newbies, landing mid-foot or fore-foot is a much more efficient stride. You will be faster and less prone to injury.

HOWEVER, the Brooks Pure Connect make it much easier for me to land on the balls of my feet as I run. And unlike the reviews I’ve heard of the Vibrams, I don’t notice a severe change in muscle soreness after using the Brooks. This may be due to the slight cushioning they still have, but either way, I like what they do.

Sidenote: as I’ve noted above via Photoshop, I’m still loving my Target C9 workout tops. And I’m SERIOUSLY in love with my Northface Better Than Naked shorts and highly recommend them to anyone.

All in all, I’m a big fan of these minimalist shoes. Who knows, I may bite the bullet and get curious enough to get the Vibrams to see how much better they make my running. For now, I’ll just stick to sleeping and showering in my Brooks Pure Connect

Ew… that was a very wordy, picture-less post for me. Sorry, maybe I’ll get my act together tomorrow.



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