If You’re Feelin’ Really Gutsy

November 7, 2011 · 69 comments

…go to a bar in your Halloween Part II costume when it’s not Halloween.

…especially if that costume is everyone’s favorite bathing utensil (only one person guessed correctly on Friday).

But only do it if you’ve got the support of your good friend, the bubble bath.

You may make a fabulous new gay best friend.

And you might become buddies with the live 80’s band, The Deloreans.

Two different people may come ask you if you’re about to get married the next day. Apparently, a purple loofah girl and white balloon-clad lady in a bar together on a Friday night screams “soon-to-be-wed-lesbian-couple.”

Lesson learned: Going to a bar in costume is way more interesting when you’re the only one dressed up. As a loofah and a bubble bath.

I highly recommend making your friend dress as the bubble bath so you can throw her in your trunk and make her squat in the penalty box for a 20 minute drive.

…But then, you’ll have to serve as drink assistance all night.

And you’ll need to pop her balloons when she gets cranky about not being able to move, walk through narrow hallways, or put her arms down.

It’ll totally be worth it for the resulting pictures.

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