Guess What Today Is?

November 21, 2011 · 61 comments

Okay, not today. FRIDAY.

Life of bLyss turned 1 year old!

Happy blirthday, LOB. Happy one-year blogiversary.

And let me tell ya, it has come a long way from the beginning… my rookie first post is bush league. Remember when Life of bLyss looked like this?

And now, a blogiversary year in review.

The First Year of Life of bLyss

After noting that I used to want to be a baby cow when I grew up, I recapped my first Turkey Trot 5k. After my daddy beat prostate cancer, I was surprised with a PUPPY for my birthday, and videotaped her for the blog because I was that obsessed with her. Then, I had a little issue with a cocktail ring that landed me at the fire station and PRed in the Shamrock Half Marathon, after which I had a running breakthrough.

I then decided to register for my first full marathon shortly before my attempt at raising awareness for breast cancer when my sister was diagnosed.

Jerry, my friend from college, got called up to start for the Dodgers this past yea and I was nice enough to blog about his first major league butt slap. I narrowly avoided a stress fracture in my shins and made a video I thought was cool at the time recapping my joy before running the Willamsburg Run for the Dream Half Marathon.

By the summertime, I made a video highlighting my excitement over my old college roomies visiting me in Virginia Beach, I made an awkward video about my Bender Ball ab crunch moves, and I showed off my mature taste in music with a throwback playlist. I also learned a lot from a breakup.

I created a strapless dress arm workout, had an awful first PDR run in marathon training in excessive heat, and passed on my tips for throwing a killer bachelorette party before serving as Maid of Honor in my friend Lisa-Marie’s wedding.

And remember the week JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WORKED OUT AT MY GYM? That month, I rehashed my running story, I became everyone’s least favorite person, I photo-bombed, I showed my love for Cely in a “Thirteen Things Thursday” post, and we completed our first 20 mile training run.

I was a little bit enthusiastic over winning Chris Brown tickets on the radio. And I explored the parallel between running with my dog and walking a drunk girlfriend to the bar. And right before I fully completed my marathon training, I ate it on the sidewalk. To celebrate that victory, I made a Life of bLyss T-shirt shop.

As I geared up for my first marathon, I had a few random posts here and there. And THEN, I finally ran the Marine Corps Marathon. Since then, I’ve been blogging about random things like music for playlists (with some fitness mixed in). Like dressing as a loofah for Halloween, for example.

It was pretty cool to come full circle and write a guest post for Peanut Butter Fingers, the first blog I ever read, as well. :-D It’s been a pretty great year for the blog, and I owe a huge thank-you to my readers, companies like Love Grown Foods who partner with me, and my friends and family who have supported it.

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