Betcha Can’t Guess

November 4, 2011 · 53 comments

1. Guess how much self control I can display? I bought baby Clif bars with the intention of portion control.

Then I ate three.

2. Guess who’s a dirty rotten liar? There is no way some of these screen shots on are legit. It’s just not real life for parents to be using this language. I’m outing all you sneaky teenagers who change their friends names to “mom” in their phone and have them text inappropriate things. Sneaky is what you are.

However, this one is probably for real, and it made the immature 14 year old boy in me giggle.

3. Guess what I didn’t know? Google has a blog search. I wasn’t aware.

4. Guess where I’ll be for Turkey Day? I’m going back to my hometown in New Jersey for Thanksgiving and staying with Maggie‘s family. I couldn’t be more psyched to see all my high school friends again

5. Guess why I’m nuts? I just registered a 5k on Thanksgiving Day. Normal since I’m still sore from Sunday’s marathon. Mag and I agreed we will most likely run it hungover. We also agreed neither of us has a problem with that.

6. Guess what I found?WTF is this? And why does it exist?

7. Speaks for itself.

8. Guess where you can find me this evening?

Juuust chillin’ over with Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. Look for a guest post from me this evening as J preps to dominate the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half.

(Guess who is probably disturbed I put my face on her body? Julie’s sister. Whooopsiedaises.)

9. Guess what we’re going to be tonight? Since we ran the Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday and had to be sleeping runners for Halloween, I’m attending a “Halloween Part II” party tonight. Free hugs to whomever guesses what Bethany and I are dressing as tonight.

Hint: They’re coordinating, but not matching.

Good luck guessing. I’ll be back with lots of pictures.

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