An Intimate, Healthy Relationship

November 18, 2011 · 24 comments

I have a good relationship with food.

…maybe too intimate of a relationship with food. I like it a lot.

As a kid, I wasn’t into food. I liked treats, I wasn’t usually a member of the “clean plate club” (of which I am now Club President, thankyouverymuch), I didn’t get excited about food, and I was picky.

Maybe all that picky-ness was due to a complete lack of presentable chompers. Just a thought.

However, something changed in my senior year of high school. Since then, I’ve been all about food. I’m pretty much always hungry. Ever since I suddenly couldn’t eat whatever I wanted (darned that whole “growing up” thing), I’ve liked to keep it healthy. ‘Cause if the food’s healthy, you feel better and you can eat way more of it. ;)

Note that key word there: healthy.

I mention this because there’s certain search term that keeps popping up on my blog, and it’s a term I have no relation to.

Say whaaaat? C’mon, guys. Let’s talk.

My senior year of college, I trained for my first half marathon. My college had an awful, terrible cafeteria (read: fried food, pizza, cereal, or salad bar – that’s it). So, I was typically stuck at the salad bar trying to eat something that wasn’t old/wouldn’t poison me/wasn’t fried. I was too cheap to go out for meals during the week, so I’d take what I could get fo free.

When I was suddenly running way more than I was used to, a day of egg whites with toast, fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, granola, cereal, and a salad with turkey weren’t cutting it for my daily calorie/fat intake.

I was trying to fuel my body by eating healthy things (“gotta be healthy to run fast!”) — I just wasn’t getting enough of it. Of course, I had plenty of weekend treats… duh, I was in college (read: wine/candy/beer/dip/bread/liquor/lotsofjunkinlargequantities). And I most certainly didn’t hold back from those.

I dropped weight, and other than my clothes fitting looser, I just didn’t see I looked too skinny.

Looking back at pictures, I do see it now, and I’ve learned from that oversight. I consider myself lucky I’ve never felt the need to starve myself.

And even if I did, I’m pretty sure there is no way I’d have enough self-control to not eat. ;)

No, I have never suffered from an eating disorder. Yes, I was silly while training for my first half marathon and didn’t realize I needed much more food for the amount of exercise I was doing.

I haven’t ever felt the need to starve myself. Anyone who knows me well can attest that “with food” is my natural habitat, and it was then, too.

And yes, I gained plenty of weight back after the half was over, and through that oversight in training for my first half, I learned how to properly fuel myself (and more) through training for my first marathon.

I now know that I need more healthy fats, more chocolate milk for my sore muscles, and more carbs for energy. I probably don’t need more booze, pizza, and brownies, but I’ve incorporated that, too.

Yes, I weigh plenty more than I did while training for that first half marathon.

Hope that cleared some things up for you curious georges. ;)

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