A Brand New Plan

November 30, 2011 · 47 comments

There are things I’ve neglected to tell you. I got too wrapped up in the Around It Goes Giveaway (have you entered yet?).

Or maybe it’s because the only thing I can think about is The Hunger Games.

Remember in the first book when Katniss is spending her first few days in the arena and is suffering of dehydration when she can’t find water? That’s the way my 10 miler felt on Sunday. While I was listening to that portion of the book on my iTouch. The city of Virginia Beach needs to keep the water fountains on when it’s this warm out, I tell ya.

See? I can’t think of anything other than The Hunger Games. It’s a problem in real life tasks, but it makes my runs pretty goshdarn entertaining.

Enough about that. Guess whose diet has undergone an overhaul?

That’s right.

Remember my friend and running buddy Jim? He completed the Marine Corps Marathon with us.

He owns fitness studios here in Virginia Beach, and he’s a nutrition expert.

So when Jim waltzed up to me post-marathon in his Calvin Kleins (I’m actually lying; he doesn’t show them off on a daily basis) and asked me if I “had a plan,” I told him yeah, I had a plan. My plan was to stop eating like a jerk and to get my butt back. Marathon training killed both areas.

When I realized he meant a nutrition plan, I was hesitant. When I limit myself, I don’t generally do so well. I’ve never gone on a diet. When I’m told I can’t have something, it’s all I want.

That’s my brain on a diet.

I’ve always followed the “everything in moderation unless you’re three sheets to the wind and that chili con queso looks awesome” diet plan.

But after talking with Jim about what my current eating habits and what needs to change, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

I also told him I was only game if he didn’t nix my booze and let me do my thang for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knowing me well, he agreed to the terms, and I’m working with a healthier, more sustaining diet.

To take my beginning measurements, Jim hit me with the tape measure and had me grip that guy up there. By reading my body currents (whaat?), it gave me a body fat percentage. I’ve got my beginning height, weight, measurements, and stats, and I’ll track them after a month.

Yeah, a month. As in December 21. Awesome timing for a nutrition plan, Jimbo. I’ll be the one sulking in the corner at all the holiday parties adorned with tables of brownies, muffins, and Christmas cookies.


(That photo popped up when I googled “sad at holiday party.” I couldn’t not use it.)

Anyway, I’m diving in headfirst. More details to come, but I will tell you it’s going pretty well thus far.

Jim named my plan “hardcore.” “Because that’s what I am.”

No, really. He did say that. I’m not even making it up this time.

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