The Day I Ran Next To Justin Timberlake

August 16, 2011 · 79 comments

Remember the day I was happily bouncing along on my treadmill for my scheduled 5 mile run yesterday…

and had JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE saddle on up to the treadmill next to me?

Oh, right, that was yesterday around 5 p.m.

I’m not kidding.

Jamie and I were having a typical gym day. I was kickin’ it on the tread and she was lifting with one of our trainers. And, ya know, in walks Britney’s ex.

And for all of you who need proof of the fact I was breathing the same air as JRT, here’s a picture my coworker Julie snapped of him:

What? You wanna do some reps with me?

I was just cooling down from 5 miles when I noticed some dude walk behind me and get on the treadmill to my right.

And since people watching is one of my favorite things to keep myself occupied at the gym, I glanced over at him.

Followed by what may have been one of the biggest double-takes of my life.

A number of things ran through my head to blurt out:

  • “You were my favorite N*SYNCer from day 1. And I’m not just saying that.”
  • “Britney’s an idiot.”
  • “Remember when I saw you at the No Strings Attached concert in Philly in 1999? No?”
  • “Your face was on my bedroom wall for 6 years.” (this one)
  • “We’re breathing the same air right now.”
  • “Remember when you did that movie, Model Behavior? I could probably still quote it.”
  • “Have you seen my rockin’ air guitar?”
  • If I told you I was in the military and wanted you to go to a ball with me, would you do it?
  • (To the tune of SexyBack): “I am a single giiirrrllll.. (YEEUP)”
  • “I’m cuter when I’m not this sweaty.”
  • “Can we just sing together as we run?” (btw, that is totally the song I’d start singing)
  • “I’m running faster than you.”

Why yes, I did run an extra mile just so I could be close to him longer.

You better believe I’ll be Bringin’ Da Noise at the gym today. Come back, Justin. I’m gonna wear my cutest gym outfit.

That’s right. Look all you want, J Timb.

[Do you think he’ll like it when I call him that?]

I’m off to go listen to the N*SYNC Pandora station now. I’ve got a feva… and the only prescription is more Justin Timberlake.

Hi, J. Bye, J. it was really nice working out with you.

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