It’s Wedding Season!

June 28, 2011 · 25 comments

I’m so glad I planned to get up this morning around 6:30 for a run.

Cause if I wasn’t going to bed early, the competitive edge in me would have come out last night. And I most definitely would have dominated a drinking game made from the phrases “dot dot dot,” “Bentley,” and “closure.”

If you watch The Bachelorette, you know what I’m-a talkin’ about.

And I hope you didn’t play that game, because you’d probably have alcohol poisoning.

I’m still baffled by ABC’s choice to make Ashley our Bachelorette. Did she not essentially leave the Bachelor because she had no idea what she wanted?

To me, nothing’s changed; the girl goes on and on about her insecurities, doesn’t seem to think anyone could truly love her, and is shattered every time everyone’s not telling her how wonderful/beautiful she is.

P.S. Dear Ashley, look on the bright side. Since the whole Bentley thing didn’t work out, you won’t have to worry about your children having really, really short necks.

And here’s a family who will never have to worry about short necks. Ever.

I’m still a little salty Amy missed the family picture moment.

I clearly had a blasty blast at my cousin’s wedding in Ohio. Lindsay looked absolutely beautiful, and it was so good to catch up with my dad’s side of the family.

I want to look that awesome when I tie the knot.

And how great did all the bright colors look?

Let’s rewind to the beginning of my trip up north. Remember that day? The first day I woke up super early to work out?

Due to my early start, I was struggling around 11 p.m. Thankfully, Wawa refueled me with some goodies. I was a happy girl.

Go Haribo or go home. I don’t do those off-brand gummies.

Shortly after our arrival in Ohio on Friday, it was time to skip over to the wedding rehearsal.

Dad’s job was to escort Grandma down the aisle with his brother, and since she hadn’t arrived yet… guess who got to be Grandma!

still giggling.

And then I ate a lot and did my cousins a favor my posing
in pictures with them to make them look super tan. You’re welcome.

After an easy afternoon run of 9.5 miles, it was wedding time!

(some of the photo credit goes to my cousin Angie)


The nieces are so happy “it’s WEDDING SEASON.”

My little cousin Davin was the ring bearer.
AKA, he had “the most importantest job.”

The coolest part of the wedding:

It had been cloudy all day. Lindsay, the bride, prayed to our late Grandpa for sunshine just for her to walk down the aisle.

And guess what happened right when Grandma stepped foot on the grass?

Thanks, Grandpa. :)

And then I got to play with sparklers.

And dance for hours.

“no no no no drama…”

pretty cousin, pretty sister!

And I showed off my best, most cheesiest cheese…

And looked really, really cute in every single picture.

“Did you just say cake? Is the cake ready? Can I have cake?”

And I made it very, very clear I was in it to win it for the bouquet toss.

Looks like I boxed out Kevin’s grandma. I should probably apologize for that.

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