For A Rough Day

June 30, 2011 · 44 comments

This post was inspired by a few ladies who were having off days… kinda like the day I’m having today. I woke up with an obscenely sore throat, which typically means I’ll be seeing a nice sinus infection or head cold soon.

Obviously, training for a marathon and feeling sick don’t go well together, which puts me in a stellar mood. ;) I’m a real prize today.

So, when I have a bad day, my love Anastasia (don’t forget to say her name right) always tells me the same thing:

“Stop thinking. Remember all that you have to be happy about. Smile the biggest, goofiest smile you possibly can. Now take a picture of it and send it to me.”

I think she’s just collecting all these pictures of me for blackmail.

Anyway, when Carrie was having a rough day a few weeks ago, I said the same thing to her. The photo I got brightened my day a little, and I know it had to have given her a little giggle as well.

there’s that pretty girl. and didn’t you feel better already?

So, I sent out a “Project: Happy” request to all who were interested in participating. Feel free to bookmark this page for when you need a little smile, because these girls were happy to lend one.


FUN FACT: she illustrates stories, much like my beloved Hyperbole and a Half. That’s talent!


FUN FACT: We rep VA Beach together and take our beachfront gym by storm.


FUN FACT: She has a goal to run 1,000 miles in a year!


FUN FACT: She won my bLyss Designs giveaway and bakes FANTASTIC looking treats.


FUN FACT: She’s a Brit. And she cracks
me up with her many shameless “love for peanut butter posts”


FUN FACT: Her hubby is a PRO-triathlete!


FUN FACT: She has the best name ever (duh), fantastic style (I want your closet),  and she went to the same high school in Maryland Anastasia did!


FUN FACT: My day is incomplete without a text from her.
We’re so alike, and her blog is full of gluten-free love, too!


FUN FACT: This girl is hysterical. And she’s
currently repping my hometown. Go Phillies!


FUN FACT: Colleen is getting married August 6th.
And I painted wine glasses for her bridal party. :)

Aaaand there ya go. Me at my finest.

Now, doesn’t all that make you want to smile? When the little things in life get ya down, just remember all the things you have to be thankful for. And smile. :-D

And if those didn’t do it, maybe a cross-eyed picture of my dog will.

P.S. Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway… ;)

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