Doggone It.

June 20, 2011 · 16 comments


In case you didn’t hear, last night I was crowned Miss USA.

Oh wait, that’s not me, is it?

Well, she was one of my favorites. Her name is Alyssa, and she does look like Ariel. So… job well done, judges.

By the way, I think my sister wore that dress to prom in 1994.

Good choice, Alyssa. Good choice. But Amy wore it first.

A “Doggone It” Sunday

Ask me why I got very little sleep last night.

Look who ate about half of her “DOGSAVER,” a little rubber toy I was just thinking was great for her entertainment. Not so much when it ends up in her belly.

The 24 hour emergency vet got a call from me asking what I should be wary of. Needless to say, Chloe’s cage was moved to my bedroom last night.

Part of me wonders if this is just her way of getting a mother-daughter slumber party.


“Hold up. I don’t get to sleep in bed with you?”

Ask me why I could be found in the toy aisle of Petsmart cleaning up poopies around 5:15 yesterday.

“oh. my bad.”

Ask me why I was dragging a 7 month old black Labrador out of the store with a confused, slobber-covered pug, three stressed Petsmart workers, and an empty bag of dogfood in my wake.

“the FOOD. I want it.”

The answer to all of these questions?

This girl.

“who, me?”

Surprisingly, I had a very productive day yesterday. I got through my FIRST hill workout of marathon training (a hill interval workout will come in tomorrow’s post), I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and WalMart, I made some headway on bLyss Designs orders, I did laundry, and Chloe got her first taste of running with her mama.

“that. sucked.”

We’ve got a long way to go before Chloe can partake in any serious mileage, but I think starting out with some short walk/run intervals is a good plan, no? ;)

Sorry, kid.

And… a glimpse into my weekend

I joined my friends Rob, John, Cynthia, Heath, and Bea for some weekend activities. Your typical normality was thrown to the wind, as usual.

_q4xjH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Yes, here you see boys wearing unplanned matching outfits, adults playing the quiet game on a bar patio, adults racing pedicabs home, and adults playing in the sand all day to create a “Sand Kingdom.”

Being a grown-up is overrated. I’ve decided I’m never becoming one.


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