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I can always count on my daddy to tell me how proud of me he is.

Catawba College Homecoming 2009

I could always count on my daddy to hold my hand. As a child, I’d grab onto his (long, Halter) fingers to cross the ski slopes in the Pocono Mountains. In grade school, he showed me his hand in math at the kitchen table. In college, he escorted me across the field to have me crowned as Homecoming Queen. Now, he lends me his hand for the many tasks of moving, building, fixing, and advice in the adult world.

Catawba Graduation 2010

I can always count on my daddy to teach me life’s lessons: to not leave the lights on, to shut the front door and not let out all the heat (“picture those dollar bills walking out the door!”), or to always keep the wrist strap on the Wii because “people throw these things at their TVs and break them.”

look! he’s got hair!
I could always count on my daddy to help me with my math homework, eat breakfast with me at the crack of dawn before school, teach me how to tile a floor and use power tools, or teach me to drive a stick shift.

Dad was always my buddy in pumpkin carving.

I could always count on my daddy to cheer me on at my sporting events, cheer the loudest when I’m onstage for voice recitals or musicals, to sport a Shawnee/Catawba field hockey shirt or hat, or to take mom, Maggie, and me out in Key West on my 21st birthday.

Key West – January 2009

I can always count on my daddy to be awake early in the morning when I need something… and to most definitely be asleep before 11 p.m.

Dad and all his good lookin’ kids ;)I can always count on my daddy to eagerly jump at the chance to take me office supply shopping or to have some ice cream with me.  I wonder where I got my sweet tooth and love for electronics? 😉

Dad designed their NC house!

I will always remember how proud he was of me when I graduated high school, then college, and when I made him tear up at my first ever voice recital when I sang my favorite Disney song, Part Of Your World.

My dad is awesome. He’s such a strong, smart, intense guy who has always helped me with whatever I need. I don’t know what I’d do without him!
I’m pretty positive I have the best dad in the world.
Happy birthday, Daddy-O!
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1 Katie December 8, 2010 at 10:10 pm

>I love this post!


2 Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun December 9, 2010 at 12:07 am

>Happy bday to your dad! My dad's bday was yesterday, but we're not as close sadly. He's still pretty awesome for his determination to be self sufficient and have his own control on his career.


3 Alyssa December 9, 2010 at 1:42 pm

>@Tina @ Faith Fitness Funawww, father birthday buddies! 😉


4 Gina Leigh December 15, 2010 at 9:41 pm

>Such a great post!! I love the DAD stories…just found you from PB Fingers. 🙂


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