I don’t even know what just happened, y’all.

That was the most unpredictable string of behaviors by one Bachelor I think I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never been a huge fan of this week. It’s a lot of feelings, hot tubs, rose petals, sunburns, and people agreeing to the fantasy suite pretending like they’re just going to “spend time together” (thank you, Nick Viall, for confirming all our suspicions last season).

Katelyn’s Bali date was fine. She showed vulnerability with a bunch of monkeys. She’s falling in love. She obviously went into the fantasy suite and fulfilled her quote from the first night she met Chris. Fields were plowed, people.

Tangerine Whitney had a gushy date on a boat where she made it pretty clear she’s certain she’s going to marry Chris. Ballsy, but I’m with her. I did think ever since her wedding crasher date that she was probably the best one for Chris. And, ya know, she’s ready to make the babies and be a mom in the middle of nowhere, so she has that going for her.

But really, she couldn’t have gotten a better spray tan for national TV?


So that happened, she (shockingly) went into the fantasy suite as well, and I half watched, half focused on painting my nails, and half stared at her spray tan. That’s a lot of halves. It’s like I’ve been getting math lessons from Lacey.

Then it was time for Becca’s date.

I just still keep forgetting Becca’s name. When did she go from “random girl who hasn’t been kicked off yet” to a Top 3 pick? I blinked and totally missed it. Was she even present in the beginning of the season other than telling Chris she won’t kiss him before kissing him, walking through the bridal gown mud run, and telling Kardashley she wasn’t the only virgin in the house?

I digress. She’s apparently never been in love before (how old is this girl again?), but she’s pretty sure this is love. And she all but admits it’s a possibility she may lose her V-card in the Fantasy Suite. Because “these are the feelings she thinks she’s been waiting for” and “the temptation will be there.”

Great idea, Becca!

I was actually rolling my eyes at her hesitation to tell Chris she was a virgin. She was worried this would be a deal-breaker?

I mean, this is Chris’ face upon learning his possible bride-to-be has Playboy full-frontal nudes. For the whole world to see.


Yet, this girl drops the bomb that she hasn’t had sex with anyone else, and his reaction is sort of how I’d react to someone telling me they don’t like brownie batter or my car singing.

But, hey, obviously something happened, because even though she basically told Chris she’s not doing splits in the air over moving to Iowa, and even though he pulled her aside a la Britt to give her the heave-ho, he changed his mind last minute and gave her the rose instead of Katelyn.


It must be because Chris can “tell Becca is a really passionate person.” Bye, Katelyn.

You said it, girl, not me.

[For the record, I like Katelyn and would be happy with her as the next Bachelorette (SO much more entertaining than snoozefest Andi and Des, right?). I just didn’t see her with Chris for the long haul at all.]

Regardless, I think we’re all in agreement Whitney is getting that final rose. And so is she.

But enough about that, I’m way more excited for the crazy that’s about to come out be explained in next week’s Women Tell All.

Who gets your vote for the next Bachelorette? My top two picks would be Carly (I bet they even give her new brows, aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!) or Katelyn for the entertainment factor.




See Me on TV!

February 12, 2015 · 3 comments

Once again, a dear reader saves the day!


Sokphal, Youtube ninja, found the episode I was in on Monsters and Mysteries in America. For anyone who doesn’t have DVR, you can watch it below.

If you recall, this was the show for which I chopped my hair. You’ll get to see me in some sweet khaki shorts and men’s hiking boots. Because Colorado in the 90s is #fancy.

Skip to 18:27 to get right to my half of the episode (the first part has nothing to do with my plotline).

Enjoy that. Just slightly longer than my Auto Connection commercial. Ha!

Have you ever watched Monsters and Mysteries in America? I can’t say I had before this, but it takes me back to my college days falling asleep watching Snapped and Unsolved Mysteries.


Life’s been a little crazy. I’ve been flying from one thing to the next… quite literally.

Check out the above video clips for a glimpse of the VA Bloggers aerial yoga class from this weekend! It was really fun to pretend I was in the circus for about an hour. You can see Brittany and Liz behind Shannon and me in the first half doing our first flip, and then at the end, I’m doing the most intricate move we learned. I kind of just wanted to keep doing that one move all day until I looked graceful doing it.


My weekend kicked off with a really great lunch with my sister. Her chemo started on Friday, so my dad brought her up to RVA to have her last pre-chemo lunch with me. It was a bittersweet day, but I absolutely adored seeing her and my dad.


For all of you who have been asking, Amy is doing really well since starting her chemo treatments. She has even created her own little blog to keep her friends updated (remember when LOB was her idea originally?). Upon starting her first chemo cocktail on Friday, I got the following text:


It’s ridiculous how pretty she looks while getting chemo, is it not? She’s a real trooper.

The next day, my friend Shannon arrived to spend the weekend with me. You may remember her as one of my TidalWheel instructors, Pure Barre VA Beach teacher, and dear friend. She and her pup, Finley, arrived on Friday night for some girl time with Chloe and me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.45.53 PM

We lounged, ate some homemade crab dip, drank wine, and watched some melodramatic girl on TV.


Waiiiitttt a minute, that’s me! :) I totally forgot to tell you guys my Monsters and Mysteries in America episode aired a week and a half ago. It’s available On Demand right now — just search for Monsters and Mysteries in America on Destination America. My episode is called “Lightning Psychic.”

If y’all can’t find it, I can try to get a copy to get up here.

We woke up bright and early for my Pure Barre class. It was the first time Shannon’s taken a class of mine, and it was a fun morning at studio!


Obviously. We have a really hard time having fun.


After barre, we headed to Lamplighter, a great coffee spot right by my house. I opted for my favorite nonfat gingerbread latte, and we split the 17 1/2 sandwich with goat cheese instead of swiss. I’ve been absolutely in love with every sandwich I’ve had there and highly recommend as a perfect lunch spot, especially when the weather’s nice!


Once we had refueled and painted our nails (again, girly girly weekend), Brittany came over to walk to Fighting Gravity Fitness for the aerial yoga class. We flipped, we “yayed” a lot, and we stopped for mimosas and poinsettias on the way home. It was a pretty perfect day, if you ask me!

We finished the weekend by celebrating Brittany’s husband, Isaac’s birthday.


He had no. fun. AT ALL.

I stuffed my face with beer, fried rice, and create-your-own spring rolls (my personal fave). Rounded out, of course, by Brittany’s homemade German Chocolate Cake, which was a slam dunk.


And in case you were worried I finished my weekend without indulging one more time, I’ll show you a picture of the beautiful brunch we had on Sunday morning at Stella‘s following an intensive barre workshop. I’ve brunched at quite a few places in Richmond now, and Stellas just took the top place on my list of favorites. Front and center, you can see my vegetarian poached eggs.

I’m still obsessing over my meal two days later.

Since Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day, Brittany and I grabbed the dogs and walked around the Fan (the RVA area in which I live).

Let it be known that Sunday was a big day for our families’ friendship.

You see, Olive,Brittany’s yorkie, is one of my best friends (let’s be real, I go to Britt’s house to hang out with Olive). But Olive is not a fan of Chloe. Every time I’ve brought her by, Olive has lost her mind and stays verrryyyy far away from anywhere Chloe is.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.06.01 PM

On Sunday, Brittany brought Olive to our turf, and everything changed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.09.22 PM

Gosh, I love them. Three cheers for nice weather (fleeting, though it may have been), doggies, and dear friends.

Have you ever tried an aerial yoga class? How did you spend your weekend?


Plot Twist [#TheBachelor Recap]

February 5, 2015

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February 2, 2015

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January 30, 2015

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January 28, 2015

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January 19, 2015

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